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Chairman's Message

The International Institute of Business Management has a reputation for academic excellence and provides world-class education to students globally. The institute caters to an array of disciplines and different levels of education, research and training which are consistent and in par with global standards. The institute with its headquarters in Singapore, is governed by the executive council members which are represented from Europe and Asia.

At IIBM, we offer a complete career path for students encompassing a broad range of disciplines in the field of Business Management, Project Management, Accounting and Information Technology. We invite students to be part of the IIBM journey to gain a truly global education experience and take your place at the cutting edge amongst some of the most talented students, entrepreneurs and academics from around the world.

Professor Paul Hewitt is from Birmingham with a Masters in Civil Engineering. He is a practitioner and financier to under developed country projects in the area of hospital and school reconstruction. He sits on several university boards to provide insights to industry requirements and strategic directions for the respective institutions.

Professor Paul Hewitt


Executive Council of IIBM

Professor Thompson is a retired professor of military intelligence and development with prestigious institutions around the world. He sits on the board of several organizations in Europe and works closely with several international trade bodies.

Emeritus Professor Neil Thompson
Chairman - Cambridge Association of Entrepreneurs [UK], President Aldersgate College Ireland

Dr. Philip Crosby has worked for and been a consultant with several Multinational Corporations and SMEs in Australia, USA and Asia prior to joining academia. He has taught in the area of marketing for well-known accredited universities in Asia, Europe and Australia. He has also been a nominated member of several research publications like the Business Intelligence Journal and European Journal of Marketing. Over the last 18 years, he has published several academic papers. He is a member and fellow with various prestigious professional bodies, Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), Cambridge Academy of Management (UK), Institute of Management Specialists (UK) and sits on the Board of various international organizations.

Dr. Philp Crosby
Vice-President - ICC College, Ireland -

Sir Savage is a retired practitioner from the International hotel industry. His role in major chain hotels in Europe and Asia was in the area of process development and acquisitions. Sir Savage currently works as a consultant and contributor of several articles on strategy and quality to international journals.

Sir John Savage
Advisory and President - Cambridge Association of Entrepreneurs (UK)

Dr. Anas is a learned Scholar of Business Entrepreneurship and sits on the board of several international institutions and enterprise incubators. Dr. Anas plays an active role in establishing education for the underprivileged in third world countries. He is an active member of the international research community in both contributing and evaluating research publications.

Dr. Yusra Anas
International Representative - Barnsley College (UK) /CSEMS (Singapore)